Behavior Management    


     As a veteran teacher, I have found that the key to successful classroom management is a good sense of humor and a positive attitude. It can be easy to fall into the rut of focusing on what a student isn't doing correctly, but by focusing on the great things students are doing correct, the entire classroom takes on a whole new dynamic. One of collaboration and cooperation.  In addition, it is very important that a teacher foster a sense of community. Students need to know that their teacher is their biggest advocate and cheerleader. By building relationships with students, a teacher begins to see the whole child and this can be the key to a successful classroom.

     The bottom line is that most children want nothing more than to feel loved and accepted and generally want to please their teacher and classmates by following classroom rules and procedures. Reinforcing positive behavior has proven more successful that focusing on the negative behavior.

     A strong classroom begins with classroom rules and procedures. Modeling correct behavior and reinforcing it is a daily task that begins on the very first day of school and ends on the last day of school. It is also important that the classroom be organized so that students know where materials are and how to get them. In addition, it is important that with any lesson expectations should be clear. By establishing WALT's and WILF's with each lesson, students know what to expect and understand what they must do to be successful.

     Listed below are just a few positive reinforcements, used in my classroom.


When working in small, cooperative groups
students use the stoplight approach
as a way to control the decibel
level of conversations. Should a student
(or the teacher) feel the volume is too loud
the color is shifted from green to
yellow as a warning, and from
yellow to red if talking is to stop.

Students who are caught following
classroom rules and procedures
receive a "Way to Go" card. 
The student collects the cards and 
redeems them for prizes such as
a Blow-Pop or they can save their
cards for the ultimate prize....
lunch with the teacher.


The theme in the classroom is
"Fishing for Good Behavior".
The goal is to have the whole class
"our school" of fish to stay on-task.
However, in the event that a classroom
rule or procedure isn't followed, the student
moves their fish as a visual queuing system
that adjusts in behavior are needed.

Students who are caught on-task
may receive the reward of
sitting with a desk-buddy for
the day. This has proven to be 
a positive incentive. Students can
select a desk-buddy from the classroom
or bring in a favorite friend from home.


This cute little Easter basket is used
to reinforce classroom behavior. When a
student is caught doing a good deed
(helping a student, etc.), they are asked to
visit the basket for a small candy treat.
The kids have a lot of fun naming the characters.

Meet Marvin the Monkey!

Part of the fun is that the
characters change with the seasons.


Students are also rewarded for
participating in Accelerated Reader.
As students meet their AR point goal, 
they drive their car down the A.R.
Speedsters Track on their way to
the much anticipated A.R. celebration. 







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