A Few of
My Favorite Things


Favorite Color:  Purple
Favorite Food: Chocolate Chip Cookies
Favorite Drink:  Strawberry Lemonade
Favorite Movie:  The New Parent Trap 
Favorite TV Show:  Project Run Way 
Favorite Author:  Mary Higgins Clark 
Favorite Flower:  Tulip
Favorite Animal:  Cows


    As you have already probably figured out, I love cows.  Yes, love them.  I think it goes back to the fact that I grew up in the country and everywhere that I lived cows were in the background.  I remember at age 5, climbing the fence in my backyard and feeding apples to the cows (I fed them left over biscuits too).  I have collected cows from an early age. 

    Several years ago my grade level gave me a beautiful Cows on Parade figurine that says Happy Birthday.  I love that cow and the friendships that it represents.  I also collect Mary Moo Moo's and am always stopping by gift shops to find the newest figurines. 



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