My Philosophy

      As a teacher, I have the unique opportunity to nurture the curiosity and excitement of a young child.  Upon entering my classroom, I want each student to feel a sense of wonder in a safe and creative environment.  I feel that my role as teacher is one of facilitator and researcher.  Children are encouraged to experience learning through a hands-on learning environment and to research their questions.  I feel strongly that instruction should be activity-based, engaging students as they experience all aspects of learning.  I also feel that students should take ownership of learning, therefore, students in my classroom are taught organization skills and what it means to be responsible.

     Reading is very near and dear to my heart.  I began reading before entering kindergarten. My mother empowered me to experience reading in a tangible and real way.  I can't imagine life without books.  It is my goal to teach students how to become good readers and to have a passion for reading.  Students will experience reading through a Reader's Workshop format.  Children will participate as readers through shared reading, independent reading, and reading groups.  Reading should be fun, but it should also be purposeful.  I feel that if I can teach students how to ask meaningful questions of text, interact with the story, and connect prior knowledge to what they are reading, then I have given them a gift that will last a life time.



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