Mom and Dad 

     Thanks to my mom and dad who always encouraged me to pursue my dreams.  To my mom, thank you for encouraging me to be a good reader and for inspiring my sister to carry on the same tradition with her little girl.  Mom, I treasure those lazy summer days at the library and the many times you invited us to curl up in your bed with a good book.   To my dad, thank you for building the most beautiful writing table in the world.  The students of Room 106 thank you.

Granddaddy and Grandmother

     Thanks to my grandmother and grandfather who always inspired us to give our best and treat others with kindness.  My grandfather passed away September 30, 2006, but his legacy of love, dedication to family, and philosophy on life lives on through his grandchildren.

Mrs. Davis
(My 1st Grade Teacher)

     On November 4, 2006, I had the good fortune to meet with Mrs. Davis, my first grade teacher, and tell her what a tremendous impact she has had in my life.  She is currently a Media Specialist for Jemison Middle School in Jemison, AL and continues to touch the lives of students.  She is a remarkable person and a very talented teacher!

     Ms. Davis, thank you for being a role model.  You were always quick to give a smile and a warm embrace.  You encouraged each of your students to be an individual. You looked for the best in each student and brought their gifts and talents to the surface.  Each child in your class was a valued member of the classroom and your warmth and encouragement has shaped the lives of so many.  I was very blessed to have you as my first-grade teacher.  You have shaped my life in so many positive ways.  You inspired me as a child and you continue to inspire me as an adult.  Thank you for everything.



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