Nightly Homework:
The following assignments are to be done EVERY night.

  • MATH - Study Addition Math Facts
    (Suggestion: use addition flash cards)

  • READING - Read for 20 minutes at home
    (Students are expected to take AR quizzes each Tuesday and Thursday)

March 14

  • MATH -  Pictograph Worksheet (Bunnies)

  • GRAMMAR - Common and Proper Nouns Worksheet

  • READING - Read AR Books (Quizzes on Tuesday)
March 15

  • MATH -  Ball Park Worksheet (Making Change)

  • GRAMMAR -  Plural Possessive Nouns Worksheet
March 16

  • MATH: Timed Addition/Subtraction/Multiplication Tests on Thursday.

  • SOCIAL STUDIES - Economics Worksheet (Goods and Services)

  • READING - Read AR Books (Quizzes on Thursday)
March 17

  • SPELLING - Study for the Spelling test (Test on Friday)

  • SOCIAL STUDIES - Economics Worksheet (Goods and Services)

  • SPIRIT CARDS - Spirit Card orders submitted on Friday
March 18

  • MATH -  Times Tests Practice (10 times Each)

  • READING -  Read AR Books


precook w pregame w preheat w prepay w pretest w prewash w prewash w preschool
disable w disarm w discolor w dislike w disobey w disorder w distrust



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