Nightly Homework:
The following assignments are to be done EVERY night.

  • MATH - Study Multiplication Math Facts (2's and 3s)

  • READING - Read for 20 minutes each night from a self-selected book.

  • SPELLING & VOCABULARY - Study and practice the spelling and vocabulary word list each night. See page 2 of the word list for the Tier 2 vocabulary words. Students may study spelling words however they choose or use the Tick-Tack-Toe Choice Board found in the D.O.T. Binder. Tests are administered each THURSDAY.

  • Mentor Sentence - Every two weeks students will disect a mentor sentence and study how real authors write. To learn more about the Mentor Sentences, please click on the link in blue.

  • Study Guides

    European Explorers (test on February 28)

    Georgia Habitats & Plant/Animal Adaptations

    Georgia Milestone Assessment Parent Guide

February 18
No School - President's Day
February 19
    Read a self-selected book or work on Lexia.
    Worksheet - It's In the Bag
  • MATH:
    Spiral Review Tuesday (week 6)
February 20
    Read a self-selected book or work on Lexia.
    Worksheet - Buckets of Fun
  • MATH:
    Spiral Review Wednesday (week 6)

Multiplication Speed Drill (2s and 3s)

Wednesday Folder Goes Home

February 21
    Read a self-selected book or work on Lexia.
    Review the mentor sentence.
  • MATH:
    Spiral Review Wednesday (week 6)

Spelling Test on Friday, February 22

Mentor Sentence Test on Friday, February 22


February 22

Reading Wonders Unit 4 Week 5 Test on February 25




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