Students participate in a digital classroom managment program called Class DoJo. Class DoJo is a web based program that allows teachers to give immediate feedback of student behaviors. Each student receives a private account and earns points when demonstrating positive classroom behaviors but also lose points for undesirable classroom behavior. Students are very excited about the program and beg to see their results throughout the day. They learn from their mistakes and have opportunities to turn undesirable behaviors into desirable ones so that they can earn points toward shopping in our Class DoJo shop. The most remarkable thing about the program is the sense of community it builds. Students root for each other and celebrate when their peers meet with success and I have found students to coach each other when they meet with adversity.

A great feature of the program is that it tracks a student's behavior over time and generates a report so that they can view their data. Behaviors in green are desirable behaviors that promote a classroom environment conducive to learning. Behaviors in red are behaviors that distract from the learning environment and indicate areas that need to be addressed by both the parent and student. 

Parents receive an access code to your child's account. Class DoJo also has an app that can be downloaded to your phone or other electronic device. With the Class DoJo messaging feature parents are now able to communicate with the teacher about their child's progress.

In our classroom we work very hard to focus on the positive behaviors and students receive points for demonstrating classroom rules and procedures, for applying strategies, and for showing initiative. Point values are awarded for each behavior.

The following behaviors earn big points:

  • Application of strategies

  • Demonstrating classroom procedures

  • Making corrections to classwork and homework

  • Demonstrating great insight (applying their learning to the real world)

  • Participating in class meetings (raising their hands to share, answer questions, etc.)

  • Self Corrections (if a child is talking and they realize they were off task and correct the behavior before being redirect)

However, swift consquenes are given for negative behaviors. A non-verbal and/or verbal redirect is often given for minor offenses before a point is deducted from the student's account.

Major points are deducted for the following:

  • Not attempting work (saying "I don't know" or avoiding work by saying "I can't")

  • Argumentative (arguing or being disagreeable with peers or adults)

  • Class Meeting (coming to the carpet loud, talking while the teacher is instructing, talking to a student preventing them from being a part of the instructional process, etc.)

  • Disrespectful (unkind words or actions that show disrespect to peers or adults)

  • Meltdowns (crying for long periods of time that cause a disruption to the learning environment)

  • Tantrums (throwing a tantrum includes negative self-talk, talking back, kicking desks, shoving desks or chairs, hitting oneself in frustration, etc.).

  • Refusing to Correct Assignments (students are expected to complete assignments and this often requires redirection and corrections - students are not permitted to refuse to correct work)

  • Sleeping in Class (this includes falling asleep in class or putting their head down during work time)

At the end of the week students make a deposit in their Class DoJo point book for positive points earned and make withdrawals for negative points earned. Once the DoJo shop is open, students have a choice to bank their points for a future purchase or spend them in the DoJo shop. A list of DoJo point options are listed below.

Class DoJo Rewards

I hope you find this program to be one that you can use on a consistent basis. You will receive and access code for both you and your child. Please register as soon as possible so that you can stay informed about the great things your child is doing in our classroom.




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