Classroom Rules

At Midland Academy we strive for students to be "Respectful", "Responsible", and "Ready". Each of the classroom rules listed below are designed to help students set goals so that we can be respectful of the learning environment, responsible for their own learning, and ready for instruction. Instead of focusing on what students shouldn't do, we focus on what student's should do.

1.  I will "bee" a good listener and show respect.
2. I will "bee" kind with my words and actions.
3. I will "bee" a hard worker and always give my best.
4. I will "bee"lieve in myself and encourage others.
5. I will strive to "bee" a role model by following classroom and school expectations.


Behavior Management Plan


First Offense Verbal Warning
Conduct = A
Second Offense Loose 1 ClassDoJo point
Conduct = B
Third Offense Loose 2 ClassDoJo Points
Silent Lunch or Classroom Time Out
Conduct = C
Fourth Offense Loose 3 ClassDoJo Points
The parent is contacted and the student writes a
  one page essay related to the infraction.
  Conduct = F
Fifth Offense Student is referred to the office with a
Disciplinary Form.
Conduct = F

The Behavior Management Plan is subject to change at the teacher's discretion.  This is a tool used in managing student behavior which may be adjusted based on the progress and success of the students' behavior management skills.


Classroom Rewards


 Individual Rewards


Top of the Chart Pencil
Blow Pop
Small Candy Treat
Lunch in the classroom with the teacher

Whole Group Rewards


A Popcorn Party
Extra ten minutes at Recess
No Homework



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