Classroom discipline problems can be a roadblock to effective teaching and learning.  In order to provide your child with the learning environment he/she deserves, discipline problems must be kept to a minimum.

    Behavior management in our classroom is a cooperative approach.  Teamwork between the student and teacher is important in making good behavior decisions.  In managing behavior, it is important to recognize the misbehavior, discuss a plan of action, and model positive behavior for future success.  I also encourage students to write letters to mom and dad about the misbehavior and the action plan they have decided on.  Through this approach, students take ownership of their behavior and mom and dad remain informed. 

     The goal during third grade is to provide opportunities for children to take ownership of their academic career as well as their behavior.  Rules and procedures are in place to provide students with a consistent marker for success.  Please take a few minutes to view the Rules and Procedures slideshow.  This slideshow is presented to students on the first day of school and it is always a good idea to review expectations throughout the year.   A link to the Parent Folder has also been added for your convenience.


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