Students are expected to read for 20 minutes each night as part of nightly homework. Tuesday and Thursday are our scheduled AR quiz days, but students may also take AR quizzes as they feel they are ready.  

Non-Fiction Warriors
Reading Club

Join the Midland Academy Non-Fiction Warriors Reading Club. To join read 25 non-fiction titles and score 80% or higher on the AR Quiz (no deadline or time limit). For every 25 books logged, visit the media center for a prize. Once the minimum requirement of 25 titles has been met, students will enjoy an ice-cream party at the end of the year.

Become an A.R.

Midland Academy is hosting a school wide program to encourage students to read. Goals are based on words read and students must maintain an A.R. average of 85% or higher. Each nine weeks students who meet their goal will receive an A.R prize. Listed below are the "words read" goal for third grade, but there is no limit on how many books or words a child can read. I would love to see some of my third graders become A.R. Millionaires. Should a child not meet their goal by the first nine weeks they can continue to work toward meeting it. Once the first nine week goal is met, even if it is during the 2nd nine weeks, a prize will be awarded. We want everyone to participate and be rewarded for their efforts.

1st Nine Weeks - 87,500 words
2nd Nine Weeks - 175,000 words
3rd Nine Weeks - 262,500 words
4th Nine Weeks - 350,000 words