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 Internet Projects

The Internet Projects listed below are cooperative projects that allow you to connect to other classrooms from around the world through the Internet. The projects listed are either ongoing or are open for registration.

General Projects

GSN Internet Projects
GSN Internet Projects is a website where project hosts can register their Internet Projects and where participants can join ongoing projects.

A funtastic website that hosts several exciting Internet Projects such as the Oreo Cookie Project and Salute to Seuss.

Traveling Projects

Flat Stanley
The home of the official Flat Stanley website.

Travel Buddies
Home of the official worldwide Travel Buddies website.

Wandering Wally
An internet project about an ant and his amazing adventures.

Writing Projects

Animal Diaries
Animal Diaries is an Internet Project that provides a safe place for students to publish their stories about animals.

Chocolate Stories
An internet project that requires each classroom to read about about chocolate and complete language arts, math, or science based activities about chocolate. Yum!!

Monster Motel
An Internet Project where kids can publish pictures and descriptions of their monster creations. Classrooms can also create their own Motel Annex. Enter if you dare!

Social Studies Projects

City Quest
An Internet Project that promotes your communities historical monuments and interesting attractions.

Postcard Exchange
A postcard exchange that is open to all 50 states.

Science Projects

What's the Matter
Students answer a questionnaire about a personal item and describe its properties using the the properties of matter. Other students involved in the project will try to guess what the mystery item is based on the submitted description. In order to participate in the project each student will need a google email account which can be deleted once the project is completed. 

Square of Life
Students compare living and nonliving things with classrooms from around the world by investigating a designated plot of earth in the school yard. Students record their findings and submit it to the project host. Sign up today. Registration ends November 16, 2007.

Math Projects

The National Math Trail
Classrooms from around the United States share and submit how math exists in their own environments. Bring the excitement of real world math into your classroom.

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Free Fonts for Teachers

When downloading fonts, save them to your hard drive. Most fonts come as a Zip file and must be either saved or opened. I suggest opening the files and then saving it to your hard drive. You will then have access to the font in any Microsoft program.

Saving a Font to your hard drive

  1. Select Open when downloading the font

  2. Extract the file

  3. Save the file to the C drive by selecting "Windows" and then "Fonts"

  4. Select OK.

Fonts can be used for many things in the classroom. Listed below are just a few suggestions. 

  • Classroom Newsletters

  • Teacher Created Worksheets

  • Classroom Bulletin Boards

  • Classroom Signs

A downloaded font was used for the letters in the picture above. I use free fonts to create letters for any display in my room. To create letters this size follow the directions listed below.

  • Choose a font that has a bubble element to it.

  • Insert the font into a word document and change the font size to somewhere around 200 percent.

  • Print the font on colorful card stock.

  • If the font has polka dots or some other unique element, use a permanent marker to fill in the details.

  • Laminate the card stock for durability and then trim the letters.

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Index Card Templates

Index Cards are a great way to create postcards, centers, sight word cards, flashcards, book bin signs, student response cards, positive notes, etc. Index cards can be formatted using Microsoft Word and are printable for both Laser and InkJet Printers.

3 x 5 Index Card Template

4 x 6 Index Card Template

5 x 7 Index Card Template

Index cards were used to create center and group cards for the Math Center. Clip art and fun fonts were used to dress up the cards.

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Sentence Strip Templates

Making printable sentence strips is a lot of fun and a lot easier than hand writing sentence strips. To make your own printable sentence strips, follow the directions below.

  1. Locate a paper cutter.

  2. Using a piece of white or colored cardstock, turn the paper horizontal (long way). You can use both 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 14 card stock or copy paper. I have never tried construction paper so I'm not sure if it would work with a printer.

  3. Cut the paper into 3-inch strips.

  4. Use the template below to print your sentence strips. You can add fun fonts and cool clipart to jazz up your work.

Sentence Strip Template (8.5 x 11 - Copy Size)

Sentence Strip Template (11 x 14 - Legal Size)

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