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The Reader's Notebook is a place for students to organize their reading materials. Each student has their own book tub. Inside the tub students house their Reader's Notebook along with their "just right" books.

The Reader's Notebook consists of a personalized 3-ring binder. Inside the binder there are five sections which are separated by tabbed dividers.

  1. Reading Log 
    Each time students read a book they record the date, book title, AR code, genre, and their AR score. In addition, students reflect on their reading to assess if the level of reading for the book selected (just right, easy, or too hard).

  2. Reading Response 
    Students spend the majority of their time reading independently. As we all know, reading is thinking. Therefore this section of the binder is where students will track and record their thinking.  There are three ways a student may respond to their reading: (1) An IDR Form used for quick tasks assigned by the teacher, (2) a sticky notes tracking form where students track their thinking on sticky notes, or (3) by using lined notebook paper. The notebook paper is used when students are to write deeply about their reading.

  3. Reading Tools 
    Throughout the school year, students will receive many wonderful handouts that will prove useful in their reading toolbox. This section of the notebook will house handouts received from mini-lessons as well as an assortment of resources.

  4. Student Goals 
    As a reader it is important that students set goals for themselves. This section of the notebook will house individual student goals which will be referenced and updated as students gain knowledge and experience as a reader.


  5. Assessment
    The Reader's Notebook is a useful tool and to ensure that the notebook is being utilized to its fullest, students will be assessed on the organization and content of the Reader's Notebook. 


The idea for Reader's Notebooks came from Beth Newingham's Third Grade classroom website. She has a wealth of wonderful resources available on the Reading Workshop model.




 The materials listed below came directly from Beth Newingham's post on Reader's Notebooks. To learn more, please visit










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