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I have been teaching second grade for five years and have found that by using technology in my classroom I have been able to enrich the curriculum and maintain the interest level of students.  I hope that you are able to use some of the ideas listed in these pages. If you have technology tips or website links that could benefit another teacher, please send me an email.  Not all suggestions will make it onto the website, but your time and thoughtfulness are appreciated.  Please be sure to put "Technology Tips" in the subject line.
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Many people have emailed me to ask how I designed my website.  I first began by visiting teacher website on the web and then creating a journal of ideas.  I wrote down things that I liked about teacher websites (games for kids, homework, parent pages, etc.).  I then took notice of where teachers found their graphics.  Some sites offer free graphics through "shareware" or "linkware" and other sites require that you purchase their backgrounds and graphics.  Most are under $20 so if you LOVE the graphics, then buy it.   

Next I had to decide how I was going to publish my website.  I use FrontPage but a lot of website hosts offer a website design template.  I also had to think of who was going to host my site.  I wanted something easy.  I chose Geocities.  I have the paid site because I didn't like the idea of pop-up adds on my webpage.  I didn't have control over the adds and since I have young kids I wanted control over what they saw.  My site is around $100 per year (not bad if you look at it as $10 per month).  I spend that on candy and cookies per week (ha/ha).  

There are some terrific website design tools on the web.  Listed below are a few that I found helpful when I began doing my website.

Build Your Own Website
Website Design Tutorial
Web Publishing
Frequently asked questions about web design, domain names, and publishing
FrontPage Tutorial
A tutorial on FrontPage web design
Web Design Tips from Mrs. Levin
A Pre-K teacher who designed her own website has tips for teachers on web design graphics, midi files, and hosting.
Java Scripts
Writing code is the hardest part of web design.  You want your website to do some neat things, but a web designer you are not.  Well, Java Script has the codes written for you.  Simply copy, paste, and your done.  It's GREAT!
Dynamic Drive 
Writing code is difficult by Dynamic Drive makes it easy.  This is by far my favorite website for writing code.  They have everything from hit counters to slideshows.  It TERRIFIC!

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These are a few of my very favorite Web Graphic designers.  Simply click on the link and download their graphics or purchase them direct from the designer.  Many web designers now have PayPal as a payment option.  I have placed a star beside my absolute favorites!

Graphic Garden 
Graphic Garden is my all time favorite Graphic Designer.  I think I have purchased around 10-sets of graphics over the last two-years.  They are kid friendly and just adorable.
Home Sweet Home
Offers both free graphics and graphics for purchase.
Cottontail Graphics
Offers both free graphics and graphics for purchase.
Cute Colors    
Offers both free graphics and graphics for purchase.  I have used a lot of the free downloadable graphics from this site (Clipart Sets from the menu on the left).
Daisy Dreams    
Offers graphics for purchase.  Most are on sale for $4-7.  A great buy!
Thistle Girl Designs    
Offers graphics for purchase and a sweet deal (A lifetime membership for $33).
Scrappin Doodles Graphics    
Adorable scrapbook graphis that can be used for your web page

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PowerPoint is a huge part of the technology that I use in the classroom.  Each morning when students walk in they can find their homework, Do Now Activity, Lesson Objectives, and Essential Questions posted on the BBC (Blackboard Configuration).  We use an AverKey which transfers the signal from the computer to the television.  Students are able to see what ever is on my computer.  Many school already have this technology in place.  

In addition it is rare that textbooks have everything I need in order to teach a lesson.  Often times I create PowerPoint slideshows to use either whole group or in small group instruction.  For example, I will be teaching Japan in about a month, but my social studies series has nothing about Japan.  I searched on Google and found some great pictures of Japan that I inserted into PowerPoint.  Now the kids can take a virtual fieldtrip to Japan using a PowerPoint slideshow.  Wow!

Click on the link below to see the many ways you can use PowerPoint in the classroom.  PowerPoint is no longer "just" a presentation tool!




PowerPoint Tips  
This is a great website that even veteran users of PowerPoint will love.  There are keyboard shortcuts, transition tips, and lots of other cool tricks.

PowerPoint Pointers
Premade PowerPoints for teachers to download.


Education Estates  
Free Templates (not too flashy or cutesy).

Brainy Betty 
Free Templates for Educators

Microsoft Office
Free Templates to download


Time To Teach  
PowerPoint lessons to download on math, science, and literacy.

World of Teaching  
PowerPoint lessons to download on every curriculum topic.

Jefferson County Schools - Lessons  
PowerPoint lessons to download on every curriculum topic - created by teachers for teachers..


Teachers are welcome to download these templates.

Happy Birthday 
Tiered Template 
Primary Radial  


PowerPoint Games  
Resources and templates for creating PowerPoint games and lessons

Fun & Games
Resources for Jeopardy and Who Wants to Be A Millionaire


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Microsoft Word is a fabulous tool for designing newsletters, student checklists, rubrics, classroom forms, forms for centers, and various forms of communication.  I use Microsoft Word as often as I do PowerPoint. 


MS Tips & Tricks  
This is a great website that provides tips and tricks to MS Word as well as provide answers to frequently asked questions.

How To Articles
Microsoft Office provides How to Articles for Teachers on how to perform tasks in Microsoft Word.

Tutorial for Teachers
Microsoft Word tutorial for Teachers.


Planning Book  
Free Planning Book template.

Microsoft Office
Free Templates to download

Brainy Betty 
Free Teacher Templates to download ranging from reading records to newsletters.


Lesson Plan Page  
Lesson Plan template from

Lesson Plans  
Lesson Plan template from Lesson Plans 4 Teachers.

Daily Lesson Plan    
Daily Lesson Plan template from Calhoun County.  Includes an area for materials, assessments, standards, etc.  A great example of a "Good" Lesson Plan template.


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Microsoft Excel is a wonderful tool for designing graphs, creating a database to track information, printer posters, and creating fun math lessons for students. 


Excel Tutorial - I  
This is an excel tutorial that includes formatting and adjusting cells, sorting data, and creating a grade book.

Excel Tutorial - II
This is an excel tutorial that includes creating graphs and charts in Excel.

Excel Modules
Tips for using Excel.  Include workbook downloads.

Integrating Excel
Tips for integrating Excel into elementary classrooms.  Check out the graph at the top of the page "How I Get to School".


Crossword Puzzle  
Directions for creating an Excel crossword puzzle.

How Tall Are We? 
A math lesson on measurement using Excel.

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I do not currently use a SmartBoard (wish I did) but I've listed some resources for those of you who do.  Most of the activities are useable on any computer whether you have a SMARTBoard or not.

A SMARTBoard is a whiteboard screen connected to the computer.  Once the SMARTBoard is in use, the screen becomes interactive with the computer (sort of like a touch screen).  

SMARTBoard Lessons  
SMARTBoard lessons for K-5 classrooms.


SMARTBoard Ideas  
SMARTBoard lessons for K-3 classrooms.


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Kid Pix in the Classroom  

Georgia Technology Training Center (InTech)  


PDF Converter


Flash Slideshow Maker

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