Writing Workshop is a teaching technique designed to engage students in building fluency in writing through daily writing exercises that provide students with continuous, repeated exposure to the writing process.

Through the Writing Workshop model, writing becomes a meaningful part of the curriculum.  Students learn to take ownership of their writing and the strategies that will help them become strong authors. Students also begin to see the connection between reading and writing rather than viewing them as separate.

During Writing Workshop students choose their own topics for writing. Second grade students will focus on four genres of writing: personal narrative, non-fiction, persuasion, and response to literature. During each genre study students will receive explicit modeling from the teacher in the areas of writing strategies and the mechanics of grammar. Students will also participate in peer conferencing, revision, teacher editing, and share their completed works from the Author's Chair.


Crafting (15-20 minutes)
This is where the teacher conducts explicit instruction in the areas of writing strategies and mechanics of grammar. The teacher creates models, shares mentor authors, creates anchor charts, and demonstrate the writing process.

Composing Meaning (30-40 minutes)
At the beginning of each composing meaning session, students spend about ten minutes recording ideas for new topics or reflecting on strategies in their Writer's Notebook. Following the Writer's Notebook exercise, students begin working on their genre pieces. During this time, students apply the strategies they have learned during the crafting session. Students work independently on their writing pieces, confer with a partner, confer with the teacher, revise/edit their work, record topics of interest in their Writer's Notebook, and conduct research on chosen topic.

Reflection (10-15 minutes)
This is where students share "aha" moments as writers, share how a strategy has helped them in their writing, share completed work, and provide feedback to a peer,

Teacher Conferring with Students







  • Students use lined notebook paper when responding to literature.







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